Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mango Madness!!!!

In an effort to eat more fruit and to try local cuisine, I have been trying to try at least one of all the types of mangoes I can find in Bombay. Here everyone loves mangoes and has a favorite mango type (they come in different shapes, sizes, and tastes) and as mango season begins to wind down, I am trying to pick my favorite mango.
Here are three types of mangoes I have tried and liked:

They are sweet and tart, light yellow in color on the inside and smooth in texture. On the outside they are multi-colored yellow, orange, red and green.

Alfonso (also spelled Alphonso):Alfonso's are the sweetest mangoes, they are yellow on the outside and a darker orange inside. They are so sweet that when I eat one all by myself my teeth hurt but they are good. (sorry about the pictures, I ate this Alfonso at around 7:00pm and it was dark out, and my apartment lights are not good for photos).


Badami mangoes are one of my favorite, they are sweet, but not as sweet as the Alfonso mango. They are yellow on the inside and smooth, not stringy.

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Donna said...

Ummmm. They all look sooo good.