Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finally a Home of Our Own

After running around Delhi with the other Fulbrighters learning about India, the Fulbright program, getting sick, and safety concerns, Michele (a fellow Fulbrighter) and I have moved into our Delhi flat in Saket. The flat is spacious and well furnished, but hot, like everything else! Hopefully it will cool off soon (fingers crossed). The market by our apartment is also really nice, it has a movie theater, lots of shops and resturants, including a McDonalds (which I probably wont eat at) and a Benningan's (which I am kind of intreged by).
I headed up to North Delhi to see the University of Delhi campus, and to see how long it will take to get there from Saket. The School of Economics looks like any other college in Delhi, but the whole campus is huge. I am glad I know where I need to go, becuase I am meeting professors from the Dept of Sociology on Wendesday, and now I wont get lost. Everyone I talked to said it would take an hour to get to the University from Saket (to see the distance look at a map- they are practically on different ends of the city), but I might leave two hours for my first visit, just in case.
For now I am happy to have two days off until I have to start my Hindi studies and my research.

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