Friday, September 5, 2008

Mallrats in New Delhi

In a city where most people live on a dollar a day or less, finding the very wealthy is proving to be easy, thanks to the CityWalk Mall in Saket. A very large Mall full of European and American stores, a large multi-screen movie theater (we saw Wall-E) and a big and expensive food court. What more could any home sick American or wealthy Delhiete want? Forget the fact that my paid-in-rupees salery could never suport a shoping spree at the mall, the fact that it looks like I am in the USA is exciting enough. Plus the ads are amazing and the Air Conditioning is wonderful. And ofcourse a mall in Delhi could not be complete without begger children outside and guards and metal detectors to pass through to get inside. If I every want to forget where I am, I know where to go. Although the whole thing felt a bit strange, it was also facinating.


Gabe Schwartz said...

That is very cool. From the pictures it really does look like a mall here.

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