Thursday, July 2, 2009

After Delhi and some New York

Since being back in Bombay, I have done some writing, a lot of transcribing, some Photoshop work, and I have been running around meeting people and getting things done, since I only have a little over 4 weeks left in India. One of the things I recently did was go see the movie, New York, a Bollywood film about 9/11. It was... well... not very good, it could not decide if it wanted to be a Bollywood masala film or something dramatic and dark. It also had so many plot holes, the script must have been made of swiss cheese. But it did raise important issues within Bollywood cinema itself such as: Why do male terrorists in Bollywood often appear as amazing dads to their sons (this also happens in Fanaa)? Why does NYC not exsist above 50th street in Bollywood? Why does the movie resemble the "Brooklyn terrorist plot" reported in the NY Times about a month ago?
Also I highly recommend that the writers of Crash sue for copywrite infringement, but other than that I recommend this movie if you are curious about a Bollywood take on 9/11, and terrorism. It is interesting becuase it bring's up interesting arguments in favor of nurture over nature in the creation of terrrorists and terrorism, and points out that efforts to stop terrorism might unintentionally create it. It is just unfortunet that the movie was so jumbled and sometimes silly.

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