Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monsoon Survival Guide

It has now been raining off and on (often heavily) for a number of weeks, and so the monsoon is in full swing. Thus, I thought I would write a short list of things that can help anyone survive the monsoon in Mumbai:
1) You will get wet, deal with it. Basically there is not much you can do about this except never leaving your home. It will rain very hard and your umbrella will not be very affective, or your umbrella will break, or you will be on the train and get wet, or a car will splash you, or you will have to wade through a large puddle or flood because lets face it, the drains here are not always so good or might not exist. Once you understand this fact, the monsoon becomes more manageable.
2) To help you survive these incidence I recommend wearing sturdy sandals outside. These sandals should have straps so that they do not fall off your feet and grips on the bottom, such as Teva-like sandals or hiking sandals, in India these are called floaters. These will make puddle wading infinitely easier.
3) Get the numbers of your near-by chemist (pharmacist) and grocer because they will deliver necessities to you and then you don't have to go out and get them, someone will bring them to you. But remember to tip, it is raining outside so be nice.
4) Do not wear white or clothing you care about in a downpour. Obviously it will get wet and could get ruined, and while this is Mumbai, I don't thing you want your own wet tea-shirt contest going on.
5) Clothes take about 2 days to dry (no one has driers) after washing them so if you need to wear something specific for a specific event or day, keep this in mind.
6) Get an apartment/room (like mine) with a nice large window so you can sit with your flatmate, drink a beer, and watch the rain come down, it is both beautiful and good bonding time.
7) Don't drink the puddle water.

I hope these tips will help you survive the monsoon if you are ever in Mumbai during the monsoon.

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