Sunday, September 28, 2008

Canadians, Democrats, and Amritsar

So this week was a little intense. I will do my best to go through the major events quickly and effectively.
Last Sunday Michele and I had dinner at the Canadian Embassy with our new wonderful Canadian friends there. It was a beautiful night, with wonderful people, and very cheap beer and good beef. In other words very Canadian and not very Indian, but very fun. We met a reporter from the Toronto Star, someone from the World Bank, and many other Ex-pat Delhites.
Then on Tuesday, Michele and I went to a rally for Democrats Abroad (which we are) were we met Americans who are also Pro-Obama. There was a lot of talk of how to vote from abroad and what we can do to support the campaign while we are here in India. The head of Obama's campaigning for Americans Abroad also spoke about what is currently going on in the US and for the campaign and how Obama cares for Americans abroad. All very exciting, we are hoping to meet up with our new Democratic friends again for Debate watching parties.
Lastly on Friday, Michele, Aditi and I headed to Amritsar to visit our fellow Fulbrighter and friend Jaspreet, and tour the Golden Temple (the holiest temple for Sikhs), go to the Indian-Pakistan border and cheer on the Indian side. This was a little crazy and silly, but an interesting take on Nation building and Nationalism building. Lets have pride in India, people! Was the message of the evening. We also eat wonderful Punjabi food (nan and lentils). After a very, very long train ride back to Delhi, I am back and have to go prepare for next week. So I will put pictures up soon.

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Ravi Ragahvan said...

The rally sounded cool. I think the election is swinging Obama's way now. These are things we miss out on in Gurgaon...