Friday, September 19, 2008

A Day in My Life

So here is what I do each day, I though it might be interesting and good to know:
6:10 am: I get up and get dressed to go running

6:30: leave for the Saket Sports Complex

6:45: Get to the Saket Sports Complex track and run for about 30 minutes

7:20: leave track walk home, take a shower.

8:00: have breakfast with Michele (my wonderful flatmate). I usually have eggs with leftovers from the night before or I have oatmeal.

9:10: leave for Hindi class. I take an auto rickshaw to Malviya Nagar where my classes are. It costs between 20 and 25 rupees to get there.

9:30: Hindi class begins. I spend 4 hours talking in Hindi, writing in Hindi, reading Hindi, and learning new grammar. Its actually a lot of work and I am really tired at the end of it.

1:40: leave Hindi class. Now I do one of three things. 1) go home and work on Hindi homework, write emails to contacts, and read things I need to read. 2) go to Gurgaon to meet ad agencies and contacts. I take a taxi there which is fun but expensive. or 3) go to the University of Delhi, School of Economics, Dept of Sociology to do some research or listen to a lecture there. Then I get to take the Delhi Metro which is always fun.

5-6:00: I get home from wherever I was if I was not already home, and finish emails, Hindi homework etc.

7:30/8:00: Get food from my neighbor. A women a few houses down from where I am staying make tiffins (meals in a tiffin or travel case) for people in the neighborhood for about 45 rupees each. Every night I get warm and really good dahl, subzi (a vegetable or vegetables), rice and rotis. So that is my dinner and often some of my breakfast too.

8:00: take a shower and eat my dinner.

10:00: I am usually tired and go to bead, on the early side.

Thats my weekdays here in Delhi. Its a lot to do, but it is usually good.

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