Friday, October 3, 2008

One Long Week In Delhi

Okay, so yeah, of course India is not easy to live in. Things never work as they are suppose to. You have to bargain with everyone to get a fair price. You have to be ready to take on the world, and some very unpleasant men, the minute you step out the door.

So here are the bad things this week: I had another "short term" cold and felt icky. First there was no water and then the washing machine broke downstairs so I am currently trying to wash jeans by hand -which is difficult- and probably does not work as well. Hopefully next week, it will be back to working order. But for right now- I need pants! Getting autos this week has been particularly difficult. And of course Sarah Palin scares me.

The good things this week: 1) The comments I got about my Hindi. Two Auto-rickshaw-walas, a group of Americans who watched me bargain for an auto and tell one of the auto-walas off for charging too much, and a group of people at Moti's Sweet Shop were I was buying some Indian mathi (sweets) all told me I had great Hindi. I have been working so hard at it and it feels really good to know that my conversation skills are improving.
2) Going to a club with Priya and showing off my Bollywood dancing skills and just having a good time with a good friend. As usual, fun and not too serious dancing was involved and Singh is Kinngh was played. Yeah for clubs that play the latest Bollywood item number right after Bon Jovi.

Somethings only happen in India... and sometimes they are amazing (speaking Hindi, hanging out with amazing people like Priya)... and sometimes they are not (washing pants).

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