Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sick in Delhi

So despite big plans for this week (Photo shoot with an ad agency, Diwali shopping) I got sick with a flu like ailment instead, and the only place outside of the house that I visited was the Doctor, oh wait then I went to the Chemist (Pharmacist). Other than that I spent a lot of time in bed, caught up on my bad movies I have been "wanted to see on TV list" -Tuck Everlasting, Man in the Iron Mask, When Harry met Sally- well actually the last one was good. Tried to get myself to eat things despite being on some antibiotic that seems to be doubling as an appetite suppressant and generally roomed around the house with a fever being a little out of it.
Although I am feeling much better now, I am still a bit weak and not really eating (last day of antibiotics).
It all started out well on Monday, but on Tuesday morning I woke up with a fever and it was downhill from there. So I went to the doctor Tuesday evening, she was very nice and took my temperature (somewhere between 100 and 101), and looked into my mouth, felt my throat and stomach, and decided that I did not have Dengue (yeah!) but some flu thing. She wrote down, on a piece of paper, a whole bunch of medications I needed to take and how much each day, and then said to call her in two days. I then went to the Chemist and got my medications (no referrals needed in India, you can literally walk into a chemist shop and get a shot or anything else). After that I went home, tried to eat some soup (which decided it did not want to stay in my stomach about a half hour later) and then went to bed. I spent the next three days at home doing the sleep/bad movie thing. So much for all my plans but I guess getting sick never comes at a good time. In any case it was the cheapest week ever! Because I did not go anywhere or do anything or eat that much.
This coming week is Diwali so there are going to hopefully be some great fireworks, good food, and fun.

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