Thursday, October 30, 2008


As another Diwali (the Hindu festival of light, that celebrates Ram's return to Ayodhya from exile) passes us by, I sit here and contemplate the large number of meethi (Indian sweets) eaten, the dias (small candles) burned around all the houses (some having been replaced by electric "Christmas-like" lights), the poojas (prayers) to Ganesha and Luxmi (for good luck, good travels, and success), the fireworks set off filling the air with a lot of smoke that made my eyes burn, the wonderful company of my wonderful friend Priya, her grandparents and her aunt and uncle, and good food and drink, I cannot help but miss my own family get togethers and events. As it is though, I could not have had a better Diwali, with better people.
It was too fun, and included some great wine provided by Priya's aunt and uncle. I got to watch Priya's cousins light up the sky and make a lot of noise lighting fire crackers. I even helped Priya and her grandparents set up and do pooja. It was great having a "home for Diwali and it was a great home to be a part of.
Diwali lights put up by my neighbor.

The dias (traditional small Diwali candles) Priya and I set up around her apartment in Noida, a satellite city of Delhi.
More Dias!
The pooja thali (plate) Priya set up. See the little statues of Genesha and Luxmi with the thali infront.

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