Thursday, November 6, 2008

Democrats Abroad Celebrate! Yes, even in Delhi, we can!

While everyone in the US waited up late for the election results, I got up early to join some fellow Democrats abroad to watch the election results. Since I cast my ballot weeks ago via absentee, it was nice to have some excited yet tired people to share the excitement of Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on your location). Along with a large number of Indian reporters and TV crews, there were tons of Americans chanting "OBAMA!" and "WE LOVE YOU PENNSYLVANIA!" It was a good feeling, and an even better one, once people started doing the electoral math!

Although it had been an early day, that same evening, there was a large party at one of the fanciest hotels in Delhi celebrating the departure of Bush and victory of Obama.

I cannot express how excited and happy I am, and how proud I am of the USA, especially with the number of Indians coming up to me in the last few weeks asking, "Do you think Obama will win?" and "Did you vote for the right candidate, Obama?" Now I can answer yes to both questions.

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Jenn said...

I'm still ecstatic! :)