Thursday, November 6, 2008


Having recently returned from a refreshing trip to Shimla, a Hill Station not too far from Delhi, I now realize the large amount of work that lies in front of me. Ignoring that for a minute, it was nice to get out of Delhi, experience some clean air, walk up a lot of hills/mountains, look at the Himalayas, and stay out of the way of a lot of monkeys who call Shimla their home.

We did not do much, other then walk a lot (which is not so easy in Delhi and was thus amazing), see the British Viceroy's Summer Home, from when Shimla was the Summer Capital of India (Delhi was the rest-of-the-year Capital) under the British Raj, and hang out.

Train ride up to Shimla, yeah mountains!
Going up!
Welcome to Shimla!

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